How to Choose The Best Tactical Backpack

A tactical backpack differs from other means of carrying goods in increased reliability, which makes it possible to operate them in the most difficult conditions. At the same time, it has sufficient volume to orderly place the necessary equipment inside.

There are many requirements to consider when choosing a tactical backpack. There are many options to consider depending on the type of backpack you are looking for. However, there are a few important points to keep in mind no matter which backpack you choose for yourself.

Best Tactical Backpack

TOP 30 Hunting Tactical Backpacks

Key Features of Tactical Backpacks

The name “tactical” comes from the production of equipment and uniforms for military personnel. Tactical backpacks, unlike ordinary ones, have many features:

  • A large number of external pouches and compartments, for the distribution of the necessary items in the “quick access” area, without the need to open the main compartment;
  • Modular expansion system for pouches, thanks to which you can expand and get the necessary functionality;
  • Available quick release system;
  • The presence of pockets for hidden carrying weapons.

Types of Tactical Backpacks

Tactical backpacks are of two main types:

  • Raid;
  • Assault.

Such backpacks have volumes of up to 60-70 liters, as well as the Molle attachment system or its analogue PALS. Raid backpacks are designed for long trips. The design of raid backpacks can include quick-detachable pockets, which functionally can be used separately from the backpack. Raid backpacks are large and equipped with unloading waist belts.

Assault backpacks have small and medium sizes (up to 45 liters) and often have a dedicated compartment for the hydraulic system, as well as several compartments in addition to the main one. One to three day assault backpacks are designed to be loaded with only the essentials for a given period of time.

All other varieties are small and especially small bags and bags, attached to backpacks or carried separately, they are called bags and pouches, they are usually used only in combination with the main tactical backpacks.

#1 Convenience of carrying

Comfort and convenience are some of the most important factors in choosing a backpack. It is clear that a tactical backpack must first of all be sturdy and reliable. This does not mean that he cannot be comfortable. It is likely that you will carry a heavily loaded backpack over your shoulders for extended periods of time. In this case, carrying comfort will come first. These are the main features of a comfortable backpack.

  • – Extra wide shoulder straps. They distribute the weight to the shoulders. Be sure to pay attention to them.
  • – Chest strap. This strap runs across the chest, tying one side strap to the other. It helps to distribute the weight evenly over the shoulders and relieve them of unnecessary stress, while at the same time stabilizing the position of the backpack, preventing it from sliding off the shoulders. An irreplaceable accessory in the case of a large, voluminous, heavy backpack.
  • – Hip belt. The function is similar to the chest strap, only it passes at the level of the belt. Reduces stress on shoulders and makes it easier to carry a weighted backpack.
  • – Ventilated pillow. Provides air circulation between your back and the wall of the backpack. The back does not sweat. In addition, it has a cushioning function.

#2 Capacity

Backpack capacity is another important characteristic. The larger the capacity. the more equipment you can take with you. If you are leaving civilization for a long time, you will need the most capacious backpack. On the other hand, large backpacks themselves weigh more. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size of the backpack for your needs. There’s no need to take a huge backpack with you on a day hike unless you’re carrying some bulky gear. And at the same time, do not try to stuff everything you need into a knowingly small backpack.

Even after a long hike, you shouldn’t feel any back pain. If so, then you have correctly selected and assembled your backpack. For myself, I adhere to the following rules:

  • On a one-day outing, I take a 30-liter backpack;
  • In the case of an overnight trip, I pack my belongings in at least a 40-liter backpack.

# 3 The Material from Which the Backpack is Made

A very important point. If you are looking for a tactical backpack, you want it to be as strong and torn as possible. In this case, the quality of the material comes to the fore. Not only the reliability of the product depends on the material, but also its comfort and weight. Tactical backpacks are sewn from fabrics of different properties:

  • Nylon: Fully synthetic fiber – strong, lightweight and durable.
  • Polyester: Also fully synthetic, but not as strong as nylon. However, it is more resistant to UV rays (in other words, it tolerates sunlight better).
  • Ripstop nylon: Stronger than regular nylon.
  • Cotton fiber: Made from natural materials. Harder than the previous three.

The choice of material depends solely on your preferences.

#4 Layout of the backpack

I like to have all the important items in my backpack accessible, as they say, close at hand. I don’t want to waste precious time looking for the things I need. Therefore, I prefer backpacks with multiple compartments that help sort my gear as I see fit.

#5 What Else Needs to be Considered

  • – Download options. For long hikes, top-loading is preferable. For quick outings, it makes sense to consider front-loading models.
  • – Other features. A water tank built into the backpack or an extra foam pad on the back can be useful, but will inevitably increase the weight of the backpack.
  • – Color and Style: There are many color schemes. The choice is yours. If you are going hunting, camouflage is preferable to uniform colors.

When choosing a backpack, it makes sense to compare not different models with each other, but their parameters with a certain standard that you have defined for yourself:

  • reliability,
  • volume,
  • functionality,
  • comfort level,
  • price.


Top 15 Best Tactical Backpacks

Top 15 Best Tactical Backpacks

The multitude of use cases, the large number of compartments and the adjustable volume make the tactical backpack a great choice. Whether you’re looking for a backpack to buy for hiking, travel, daily use or work in special services, any of these best tactical backpacks listed below will work for you. It’s perfectly stitched with a universally thoughtful design for EDC, out-of-town travel, or everyday tactical use. They can be equipped with a wide range of accessories such as drinking systems, additional pouches, carbines, holsters for concealed carrying weapons and ammunition compartments. These backpacks are irreplaceable assistants to law enforcement agencies, the military, special forces and many other people whose lives are in constant motion and at risk. Maximizing space and organizing your personal belongings is easy with this backpack, so match the model to your taste, needs and enjoy all the benefits of a tactical backpack.
Tactical city backpacks are regularly used for a wide variety of activities, including travel, hiking, hunting, military students, rescuers, military, police, everyone who does not sit still and loves to visit new places. Every year their popularity is growing among all user groups, such excitement is largely due to their compact size, stylish appearance, practicality and unique features.

Examples of these features include additional compartments, so-called administration pockets, compartments for drinking systems and pistol holsters, MOLLE straps. Overall, the durability, affordability and convenience of tactical backpacks are just a few of the advantages that set them apart from more traditional bags.

In this article, we take a look at the top 15 best tactical backpacks. Be sure to check the tactical backpacks section to find out about the capabilities and technical characteristics of all models, to choose the best city backpack for yourself. After reading all the information we have provided, you will find out what factors to consider when choosing a tactical backpack for your needs. Let’s start!

#1 Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack

Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack

The Mystery Ranch army backpack is designed for harsh operating conditions, versatile, lightweight and has a high level of mobility. The Mystery Ranch 3-day assault backpack with all its characteristics and even its appearance emphasizes its intended purpose, but this does not exclude its use in everyday life and travel. Mystery Ranch features an innovative Y-shaped design that provides quick and easy access to all of your gear.

The backpack is designed with rows of MOLLE straps for easy attachment of accessories. Mystery Ranch 3 Day adds compression straps on the sides to help make it less cumbersome when not using all the space. There is also a compartment for a drinking system with a volume of up to three liters, in addition to this, there is a lot of space for various equipment.


You can buy a military backpack in any store, but few people in Europe could see this guest from the top 15 best tactical backpacks on sale. It is one of the most durable, versatile and uniquely designed backpacks on the global market. The GR1 is an American backpack made to military specifications but with a civilian design. It is a favorite among travelers, military personnel, law enforcement officials, tourists, rescuers, and even students. This backpack was created for special forces and was used in both Baghdad and New York.

The Gr1 backpack is packed with features that really set it apart from many. Renowned for their craftsmanship, these backpacks are built to withstand even the harshest of circumstances. From the outside, it may look simple or simple compared to other tactical backpacks, but from the inside, you can see that it is not as simple a backpack as it seems.

#3 5.11 Tactical Rush 72


It is a versatile, durable backpack that is equipped with everything for a fully functional 72-hour filling, in other words a three-day tactical backpack. Among the 5.11 Rush backpack series, which is presented as their flagship backpack line, the Rush 72 is considered one of the leaders.

With a large zippered pocket for small items and excellent internal organizational pockets, you can easily pack your essentials. This backpack also has administrative pockets for your various equipment and helps keep it all organized. Rush 72 is available in 7 different colors.

Although the main use of tactical backpacks is focused on law enforcement, medical personnel and military personnel, they are becoming increasingly popular with the civilian population. According to the Gear Lobo website, the need for a quality tactical backpack is growing among everyone, from novice backpackers to hunters and fishermen.

#4 mPac Military Tactical Backpack

Great budget option. This backpack is well designed and has a lot of features to go beyond talking about. The mPac volume is 35 liters, which is a great all-round size. Has 5 independent compartments for carrying all your gear. This backpack is made of waterproof material, heavy duty zippers, double high density 600D nylon fabric and HJV buckles.

It has a great transport system to help you conveniently store anything from clothing, camping gear or tactical gear to ammunition. The mPac can also be used to comfortably carry books or a laptop, which, as well as the low price, has influenced its popularity among civilians, schoolchildren and students. The MPac is an excellent tactical backpack with a wide range of applications.

#5 3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack

This is a tactical shoulder bag, more akin to a single strap backpack, great for everyday EDC use, with a clever design that allows you to access your gear without having to flip the entire contents. The backpack is equipped with three compartments for storing things, the compartments are equipped with convenient organizers. Compatible with drinking systems. Made from 600D nylon fiber.

The 3V Gear brand was created with the goal of providing quality gear at an affordable price. The company produces backpacks for the military and police. They can only be purchased through the online store, which is why the supplier offers an unconditional 30-day return guarantee backed by a lifetime service guarantee if the product is damaged due to the quality of the tailoring or materials.

#6 Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

These are heavy duty assault backpacks with 7 different compartments that can easily organize all the gear you want to take with you. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack has rightfully earned one of the places in this rating. Backpack with large internal storage for personal belongings. Low price, decent quality and pretty good functionality among analogs make it the leader in the price-quality category.

The Condor 3 Day Assault Pack is customizable to fit any body type for maximum comfort, even for extended periods. Since the 3 Day Assault Pack is quite large and can hold a lot of gear + heavy body armor, it also includes a lumbar strap to help you feel comfortable when carrying heavy loads. The Condor Outdoor Inc brand is one of the leaders in the field of tactical equipment, specializing in bags, tactical clothing, equipment, and manufactures backpacks for the military. More than 20 years of experience in the industry is translated into the design and functionality of their Assault Pack 3-Day Backpack.

#7 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack

It is the most popular tactical backpack that produces 5.11 tactical. The main goal in the creation of the backpack was the idea to produce a full-size one-day urban backpack with the widest possible functionality and a high margin of safety. This backpack can accommodate everything you need for a 24-hour trip, including food, water, and accessories. The Rush 24 is basically a scaled down version of the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72. The Tactical Rush backpack has been around for many years, far from new, and has established itself as one of the best day packs on the market.

Durable and waterproof, the Rush 24 is a roomy full-size backpack that can be quickly converted into 3 days if needed. Made from the best material for the toughest conditions. The main inner compartment is customizable and has dividers. Outside it has MOLLE straps allowing you to fix even more equipment.

#8 Mil-Tec Large Assault Pack

This is just what it looks like – this is a larger version of their popular Assault Backpack. The model was originally developed in the United States for military doctors, Miltek, having partially modified the equipment already removed from service, submitted it under a new brand for the lowest possible price in comparison with analogues. Probably the best-selling backpack in the world.

They’ve created an even better version of the original that features 4 expandable compartments for all your gear without losing shape or bulky. The 4 compartments have a total volume of about 35 liters. Quite reliable zippers. All compartments, except for the smallest upper one, have organizers. The rear panel can also accommodate up to 2.5 liters of drinking system.

This backpack is quite worthy to take the top position among the more expensive brothers. Quite roomy and surprisingly durable, this characteristic gives it the full right to be used not only by rescuers, but also by the military and, according to a long tradition, medical personnel. By the way, for using this backpack as a medical one, it can be purchased in red color, it is present in the model range.

#9 Hazard 4 Evac Series Plan-B Sling

This single strap backpack is designed for maximum usability. It can be worn over both the right and left shoulder or even on the chest. The slim design makes it easy to take anywhere without interfering with other gear. The Hazard 4 Evaz sling pack is designed with durability and comfort in mind, and the Plan-B sling pack is no exception. The strap is ergonomically designed so that it can be worn off the left or right shoulder without back clearance, which increases comfort and reduces stress on the back.

The company decided to reinvent the sling, making it the best option if you are looking for a tactical single-strap bag that can be carried on the back or chest depending on the situation – this is one of the best selling options in the world.

#10 5.11 Rush Moab 10

5.11 RUSH Moab 10 pack is another single-strand backpack that can be worn on either side, including as a chest and has a rather large volume, although it looks quite compact. This RUSH series is designed for quick grab-and-go gear stowage when there is no time to pack, a kind of military emergency briefcase. MOAB is an acronym for Mobile Operation Attachment Bag and all MOAB backpacks are made to connect and carry together if needed.

Rush moab is more like a small or medium bag, the idea is that it can be worn over a large backpack, and in a scenario where you need to leave quickly for a few days, you can take it. The single strap design is becoming more and more popular for tactical backpacks. The idea is that it’s faster to grab a bag, toss it over your shoulder and leave than to put on and adjust a standard type of backpack with two shoulder straps. A double strap backpack is a more traditional style, but if you’re looking for something easy to carry and less concerned with carrying a lot of luggage for extended periods of time, the MOAB 10 is the option.

#11 Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack

A rugged backpack made from purely military grade materials, which further testifies to its durability. Materials include military-grade belts and slings, as well as genuine Duraflex hardware and buckles. This backpack is made from 1000 Denier nylon which has a triple layer of PU to give it the best water resistance. It is also treated with DuPont Teflon protective material, which provides resistance to any other conditions detrimental to the durability of the product. YKK zippers are also used on the Maxpedition to extend durability and reliability. With the Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack, you get carefully reinforced seams to ensure that no amount of weight you carry will cause the backpack to rupture and cause problems. This way, you can take with you everything you need and more.

#12 Direct Action Dragon Egg

Durable, waterproof and comfortable. Made from 500 Denier nylon fabric, the Direct Action Dragon Egg tactical backpack is water resistant, making it suitable for heavy rain. It features a breathable back panel that ventilates perfectly while on the move, no matter how long you have to wear it, your back will always be dry. This ventilation system is patented and has no direct analogues.

Slightly small on the inside, but very comfortable, can be extended at the sides thanks to elastic bands on the pockets. Equipped with organizers in the compartments, as well as many others, it is adjustable for any body type and load. Lightweight construction. Made from durable yet lightweight fabrics, it won’t weigh you down. Weighs only 1.7 kilograms, making it ideal for long hikes, camping, hunting, ammo, or military use. You can pack as many items as you need. For additional equipment, MOLLE Luser Cut slings are provided on the outer surface.

#13 Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

Mardingtop Tactical BackpackAn excellent backpack for use during the day in the city, in the evening for hiking or camping. Durable, made from 600D polyester. The internal volume is about 35 liters, measures 30 by 25 by 50 centimeters. As with the predecessor mentioned above, there is a well thought out ventilation system. Two adjustable straps at the bottom make it easy to carry a pad or tent.

Large but quite comfortable size. No matter what you want to take with you when out in the countryside, the Mardingtop tactical backpack can hold everything you need. Convenient hydration system. Rather than carrying a water bottle with you on your trip, the Tactical Backpack offers a hydration system that makes it easy to save space. Accommodates a hydrator up to 2.5L and also has a tube valve.

The detachable hip belt distributes the weight evenly. This adds comfort to your shoulders. If you don’t want to use it, you can take it off and stash it in the pockets on the back of the bag. Multipurpose, the most inconspicuous civilian appearance. Use the Mardingtop Tactical Backpack for anything. It is durable and ready for use in a variety of conditions, and also has the ability to safely store a 17-inch laptop, making it ideal for civilians in their daily life instead of regular city backpacks.

#14 SOG Ninja Daypack

The perfect backpack for those who need a lot of space. Large and roomy, ideal for hiking, camping, trekking and police. He is able to cope with almost everything that is thrown at him. Rest assured that carrying the weight of all your belongings is not a problem for him, thanks to the special design of the bag and reliable materials. It is equipped with a comfortable shoulder and lumbar strap that distributes the weight evenly throughout the body, relieving the load on the shoulders.

The large main compartment of the SOG Daypack offers ample storage space for all your most essential items. The inner compartment measures 18 “high, 9.5” wide and 7 “deep. You can fit a 17 ” laptop into this backpack. Take all your travel essentials with you with this tactical backpack.

  • – Multiple pockets for organizing. If you have small items that you want to store, you can do so with SOG Ninja’s organizational capabilities. It has multiple compartments that make it easy to store all your small items so that they can be easily accessed when you need them. You can store small items like your cell phone, wallet and others in a safe and secure way.
  • – Comfortable shoulder straps. This tactical laptop backpack offers adjustable shoulder straps that are stylishly designed to help you feel comfortable. Equalization of weight on your shoulders – thanks to the chest strap. Soft mesh back provides comfort and support.

#15 Helikon-Tex Raccoon MK 2


The top 15 best tactical backpacks round out the lightweight yet durable backpack, securely sewn from Cordura 500D. Excellent back ventilation is guaranteed thanks to a special ventilation technology, it works only when moving according to the principle of a vacuum pump. The back has a hidden pocket where a plastic holder is installed thanks to which the backpack always keeps one shape. In addition to the quality and stylish design, it also captivates with an extremely low price that cannot be overlooked.

The RACCOON Mk2 tactical backpack features an external pocket similar in size to the main compartment. Contains a simple organizer for carrying additional items. For heavy loads, a simple hip belt distributes the weight well, and can be easily removed if unnecessary. The backpack is covered with MOLLE / PALS compatible shoulder straps. The elastic shock cord will allow you to fix unused items, such as a jacket, on the backpack. Side straps for tightening will always allow you to successfully adjust the outer dimensions when the inner space is not used.

Military tactical backpacks, army bags and other special-purpose products are always distinguished by their special reliability and often unique design. Paying attention to the fact that the price of such accessories is much lower than for similar tourist, sports – tactical city backpacks and will continue to gain popularity among all users.