Top 19 Best Fixed Blade Tactical Knives

Here’s a selection of 19 of Tim MacWelch’s best fixed blade tactical self-defense knives.

#1 SOG Seal Pup Elite

SOG Seal Pup Elite

SOG knives are known for their high quality. This mid-size tactical knife features a cryogenically hardened AUS-8 steel blade. The blade has a black titanium nitride coating. The anatomical handle is molded from fiberglass-reinforced nylon. The notched handle provides a firm grip even with a wet hand. The knife is very light – 153 g. The total length of the knife is 24.1 cm, the length of the blade is 12.3 cm.

#2 CRKT Ultima

CRKT Ultima

Designed by Michael Martinez, this charismatic knife has an impressive 238 g. The tanto blade is 12.6 cm long and is made of 1.4116 stainless steel with titanium nitride coating. A half-raiser with 60-degree tines is very useful. A very interesting grip is made of fiberglass-reinforced molded nylon with a triangle-shaped texture, providing a phenomenally strong grip in a wet hand. There is a protrusion at the end of the handle that can be used as a lever. The knife has excellent penetrating power. The scabbard is made of high-strength nylon and is compatible with MOLLE systems.

#3 Ontario Ranger Kerambit EOD

The Ranger Kerambit EOD from the Ontario Knife Company has a sharp blade 8.9 cm long (for a total knife length of 19.1 cm) and 6.6 mm thick, made of 5160 steel with a black powder coating. Green micarta grips provide a good grip. And of course, the knife has a finger ring characteristic of karambit at the end of the handle. The knife is equipped with a Kydex sheath.

#4 Ontario RD 6

For lovers of large knives, the Ontario Knife Company has developed a series of knives for the American Rangers. The Ontario RD 6 knife is like a pocket machete. The 16.5cm blade is made of powder coated 5160 steel. The grips are made of micarta. The MOLLE-compatible scabbard is made of nylon and kydex. Knife weight – 510 g

#5 Buck Intrepid-L

Buck Knives has developed the great Buck Intrepid-L tactical knife. This 218g knife is built to handle tough work and has a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. The tanto style blade is 12.7 cm long and is made of 420HC steel. The handle is made of cast nylon. Nylon scabbard compatible with MOLLE systems.

#6 TOPS / Buck CSAR-T

A joint project of Buck and TOPS Knives, the CSAR-T tactical knife was developed as a tool for search and rescue teams. The blade is a modified version of the tanto. Blade material – 420HC stainless steel. The blade is 11.4 cm long. The handle is made of G10 with the “Rocky Mountain Tread” pattern. The handle has a hex wrench and a flat screwdriver. The blade has a non-reflective Zirblast coating. Knife weight – 397 g. The sheath is made of high-strength nylon and MOLLE compatible.

#7 Browning black label backlash

The Browning Black Label Backlash knife has a double-edged dagger-type blade. It is a perfectly symmetrical and balanced knife with incredible penetration. Blade material – steel 440. The handle is made of black G10. The scabbard is made of molded polymer material and equipped with a belt clip.

#8 Schrade SCHF14

The Schrade Taylor Brands series of knives offers tactical knives with uncompromising quality and attractive prices. The blade is made of 8Cr13 high carbon stainless steel. The grips are made of G10 with the original texture. The total length of the knife is 20 cm, the length of the blade is 8.6 cm.Weight is 159 g.

#9 Smith & Wesson HRT12B

This ultra-thin dagger type knife is ideal for wearing in a boot. The Smith & Wesson HRT12B knife belongs to the Hostage Rescue Team series. The 10.4cm blade is made of 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel. The total length is 21.6 cm. The handle is made of ABS plastic. Thin sheath supports the hip belt attachment.

#10 Gerber Guardian Back-Up

The Gerber Guardian Back-Up knife has a tanto blade with one-sided sharpening and a partial seritor. Blade length – 8.6 cm, material – 420HC stainless steel with black coating. The handle is cast from TacHide material, typical of Gerber knives and provides a firm grip in a wet hand. The total length of the knife is 19 cm, weight is 93 g.

#11 Puma SGB SP Drop Pakkawood

This beautiful knife from Puma has an unusual sharpening and is perfect for both camp work and self-defense. The blade is made of German steel 440A with a hardness of 55-57 Rockwell units. Blade length – 7.9 cm, total length – 18.8 cm, weight – 145 g. The handle has lining of pakka wood. The scabbard is made of nylon.

#12 Boker Plus Mosier

The Boker Plus Mosier knife is a very attractive blend of traditional design and modern cutting edge. Designed by the knifemaker David Mosier. The Warncliff blade is made of Sandvik 12C27 wear-resistant steel. Blade length – 8.2 cm, total length – 18.4 cm, weight – 156 g. The handle has lining made of beautiful two-color micarta. The blade geometry provides high penetrating power.

#13 KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement

The knife was designed by John Benner, founder and owner of the Tactical Defense Institute. The knife has excellent ergonomics. The kukri-style blade and original shape of the handle provide the ability to deliver powerful chopping blows. The blade is 5.8 cm long and is made of AUS 8A steel with a hardness of 57-59 HRC and has a black powder coating. The handle is made from Zytel.

#14 BLACKHAWK! Nightedge

BLACKHAWK knife! The Nightedge looks very serious and is made with serious materials by design from knifemaker Allen Elishewitz. The blade has a semi-serrated main blade and a full seritor on the back of the blade. The knife can also be used as a saw, since its size allows it. This knife combines strength and power that can be used both in the field and in knife fighting. The 15cm blade is made of 1085C high carbon tool steel and has a black epoxy finish. The handle is made of thermoplastic rubber. The scabbard is made of black ballistic nylon.

#15 HK Conspiracy

Benchmade’s Heckler & Koch knives are some of the most indestructible knives on the market, and the Conspiracy is no exception. Tanto blade made of 9CR13 stainless steel, 58-60 HRC. Blade length – 12.2 cm. The sharpening of the knife is semi-serrated. The handle is made of deeply textured G10 for a secure grip. Weight – 318 g.

#16 HK Snody Instigator

The ultra-light and ultra-thin HK Snody Instigator knife is designed to be worn around the neck. The full-length blade of this skeletal knife is made of 58-60 Rockwell AUS-8 steel. Blade shape – modified Warncliff. The handle has 7 holes to lighten the weight of the knife and allow you to braid with paracord. The scabbard is made of Kydex. Blade length – 8.3 cm, total length – 18.7 cm, weight – 65 g.

#17  Spyderco Street Bowie

The classic Bowie blade and premium materials make the Spyderco Street Bowie knife an excellent choice for self-defense. Developed by Fred Perrin, a self-defense instructor for French commandos. The 12.8 cm blade is made of VG-10 steel with a black ceramic coating. The cast nylon handle is fiberglass reinforced and has craton inserts. The scabbard is made of cast resin and is equipped with a G-Clip for various fixing options. The knife is very light – only 108 g.

#18 Spyderco Street Beat

A smaller and lighter version of the Street Bowie knife, the Spyderco Street Beat is also a design from Fred Pirrin. Blade material – the same VG-10 steel, but simply polished, without coating. Blade length – 8.9 cm. The handle covers are made of mikarta. Plastic scabbard with G-Clip fastening.

#19 Spyderco Warrior

The Spyderco Warrior is a futuristic bent blade combat knife with a serrated back and is a great choice for self-defense. The blade material is H-1 steel, which combines hardness and shock resistance similar to samurai swords. Blade length – 14.4 cm, total length – 27 cm, weight – 232 g. The knife is excellent for performing chopping blows, the sereitor allows you to use the knife as a saw and perform cutting blows. The scabbard is made of black ballistic nylon.

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