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Precision and punctuality are crucial for the successful fulfillment of any given task. Regardless of whether you are serving in the army, manage your daily routine, or get into a full-time tourist destination. Therefore, everyone who believes in accuracy must be provided with good hands-on hours. But when you need something more, a standard watch can not be provided, a “heavy aptillery” is used – tactical and war hours. Time and accurate calculation is what separates the victory from the last loss. And it doesn’t matter if you are planning a close-out trip or trying to plan the box for a few people. Hopefully, if you already think about the actual hours, then it is very easy to get confused in the variety that is presented on the market. Therefore, we (the authors of the original article on the HiConsumption website – for example, the translator) took the time to do a serious study and create a good old In any case, all the given below hours are distinguished by high quality and safety, therefore they will become an excellent tool for everyone to spend a lot of time and time.

Tactical and Military watches: what do you need to pay attention to?

But before giving the ready list, let’s talk about what exactly makes the current clock feel good. There are a few aspects that you need to pay attention to. Bo to a lot of them they depend on that, for which specifically you choose to use the clock. Seriously, you don’t want to spend your money on unnecessary equipment if you don’t use them on a regular basis. And here are some of the characteristics you should opiate when choosing a clock:


Make sure that the selected clock does not indicate the correct time. Clocks with monitors often have anti-magnetic properties, which makes their work more accurate, since only this is mainly a digital model. For analogue analogous effect is given by the “Atomic Timekeeping” function.


Tactical military watches must be sturdy in order to withstand operation in conditions far from ideal. And this means that they should be not only structurally sound, but also resistant to scratches, and also water-resistant. So the main attention should be paid to products with a “capped” screen and hard materials in the casing.

Light Weight

We need the watch to be equally reliable and light enough so that it does not drag out the hand. Heavy hours, alas, not an option. Especially in the conditions when you need to carry a bunch of other equipment and every hundred grams per account. Backlight Not required, but highly desirable. The backlit clock is much more convenient for working and acting in twilight and full darkness. So look for a model of a man’s watch with built-in illumination, trickle backlight or luminescent hands.

Сompass / GPS

This watch can really be a life-saver, since knowing your location is key if something goes wrong.

TOP 15 Tactical and Military Watches

#1 Nixon Regulus Watch

Designed for agents in the US Special Operations case, the Nixon Regulus watch is ready for whatever challenge you need it to be. Tactical clock, able to function at a depth of up to a hundred meters under water, supplied with damping materials and supplied with batteries, optimized for Plus a hinge strap with a secure fixation on the hand, which is also quite comfortable to wear. Plus the function of a double chronograph. Plus adjustable backlight and total silence. And for all this – only 150 dollars.

#2 Timex Allied Tide-Temp-Compass

Timex Allied Tide-Temp-Compass

TIMEX is excellent at producing simple and stylish wristwatches. However, their capabilities do not end there – for example, the ALLIED tactical watch can serve. They have a built-in timer with a countdown up to the start of fillets and outflows, a digital temperature meter with an analog display, a perfect digital scale. Well, of course, the backlight with night mode. These watches are water-resistant and can withstand immersion at a depth of 100 meters. All this business is worth 163 dollars.

#3 G-SHOCK Master Of G Rangeman GW9400-1

G-SHOCK Master Of G Rangeman GW9400-1

The RANGEMAN watch from the company G-SHOCK is the latest addition to the “Master of G” series, which includes models that can withstand the most severe load. In them there are built-in shockproof sensors capable of measuring the atmospheric pressure, height, temperature and direction of motion. There is a solar charging function. There are dirt-repelling housing and buttons. The watch is equipped with additional protection against side shocks, is water-resistant to a depth of 200 meters, and is also equipped with a durable rubber belt. In the opinion of the publishers, this is an ideal option for rescue teams and rangers. Costs $ 193.

#4 Military Watch MWC G10SL MKVI

A great mix of modern and traditional technology. The MWC G10SL MKVI watch is supplied with sapphire glass with an anti-glare coating and a battery that can be kept up to 10 years. The arrows contain small tubes with thrit, thanks to which they are perfectly visible in the dark. There is also a Ronda 715li mechanism that can additionally track the date. Boost resistance of 300 meters, 2 bags, 20 millimeters wide, complying with NATO standards. According to MWC – this watch is the best on the market, among the G10 standard. Costs 304 dollars.

#5 Boen watch for diving MWC Kampfschwimmer

They were created especially for police officers and officers who are forced to work in extremely cold conditions. And the name itself is translated as “combat swimmer”. The watch, which was worn by the German specialties of the 50s, became a perfect image for them Robust casing made of 416L steel, water-resistant to a depth of up to 300 meters, an additional screwing mechanism of protection, and also resistant to scratches of glass. Plus an automatic mechanism, 24 hour stones for greater precision (corundum) and 2 nylon straps, 24 mm wide. It costs $ 30.

#6 Suunto Traverse Alpha

The TRAVERSE ALPHA tactical watch offers its users a wide choice of different modes of operation, specially tailored to the boat, fishing or hiking. For navigation in the wild, there is a high-precision GPS / GLOHACC system with feedback, so that your route can be used with the help of Speed – up to 100 meters, automatic firearm function, red illumination, POI navigator, tracking of phases and time of start and start. And to all of this – the function of a fitness-browser, the type of counting calories and the passed rate. It costs $ 360.

#7 Luminox NAVY SEAL – З601

The LUMINOX NAVY SEAL men’s watch is extremely reliable and simple. The Swiss Quartz mechanism is covered with a robust CARBONOX casing with a back cover made of Z16L stainless steel. Safety glass with anti-glare coating, natural rubber strap for comfort, water-resistant to a depth of 200 meters, and also a backlight Sorry, one of the best military watches in your price category. Cost – $ 445.

#8 Garmin Tactix Charlie

This is the ideal tactical watch for work and play in the wild. Multi-color screen, protected by a dome-shaped capphire lens, tracking location via GPS, GLOHACC and Galileo, recording a GPS track and a dual track function Plus backlight, bluetooth and phone mode. And all this in a titanium casing, covered with some kind of solid DLC material and with stainless steel buttons. Well and a complete set of fitness bracelet functions. Serious piece, only costs 720 bucks.

#9 Diving Watch Marathon Search & Rescue

A clock made according to the standards ISO 6425, intended for divers from the body of the US marine industry. And for the rescuers. Water resistance up to 300 meters, stainless steel Z16L, scratch-resistant sapphire glass with anti-glare coating. Internal mechanism – ETA 2824-2 on 25 stones, made in Swiss La Chaux de Fonds, which ensures unrivaled precision. Well, and a third backlight that you could work in conditions of weak coverage. This miracle of technicians costs about $ 1200.

#10 MTM Special Ops RAD Watch

A clock designed for operation in particularly hazardous conditions – for example, in places with a radio frequency. Occupied with a Giger-Müller tube, which indicates the level and tracks the source of ionizing radiation. This device is used in many military hours to measure and track equivalent doses of gamma radiation. You can even preset the limit in the range up to 9999 mSv, so that the clock can warn you before reaching it. Well and a quartz mechanism, digital display, water resistance up to 100 meters and a three-layer coating for backlighting. This piece costs more than $ 1,500.

#11 Tactic watch CASIO ProTrek PRW

Casio is one of the most renowned watch makers on the planet, so it’s no surprise that it also produces tactical and warlike men’s watches. The PROTREK PRW watch is equipped with a multi-channel atomic watchmaking that allows you to keep track of time in the USA, Belgium, China, Japan and Germany. Moreover, they accept radio signals that calibrate the accuracy in the automatic mode. Plus solar batteries, water resistance up to 200 meters, the ability to function without problems at temperatures up to -10 degrees Celcius. And STN LCD. It costs $ 1859.

#12 Bell & Ross BR V2-92

Made in the style of classic military field hours. Equipped with an automatic mechanism BR-CAL.Z02, polished steel body, bi-directional steel frame and 60-minute scale. Plus ultra-curved sapphire protective lens, plus backlight on the base material Super LumiNova, plus water resistance up to 100 meters. The watch looks very stylish, cost – 2900 dollars.

#13 Breitling Chronospace

Equipped with a SuperQuartz mechanism, housed in a titanium or steel rigid casing. Digital calendar, date and time programming, analog display with 12/24 setting, arrows and clock marks, use luminescent paint. The clock is calibrated and certified by the COSC (Swiss Acc. It costs about $ 6,000.

#14 IWC Pilot Watch Top Gun Edition

This military watch, made in the colors of the Moxave wilderness, is equipped with a self-driving mechanism, as well as with clock stones. Iron casing with protection against magnetic fields, glass capped to withstand even periods of pressure. Several screens of timekeeping, tracking of time and date. The number of these watches is only 500 pieces. And the price is $ 9100.

#15 Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech

Absolutely unique tactical watch. Mechanism P.9010, enclosed in a casing made of a special material Carbotech, filled with a titanium rear cover. Precision of hours at the highest level. Water resistance up to 300 meters, glowing clock marks and arrows. Exclusive – released only ZZ exemplya. Everyone who buys will receive a perfect training day with instruments from the Italian navy fleet. Well, at a cost of $ 41,000, this is not surprising.

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